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The primary objective of this symposium is to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among professionals who are engaged in implementing digitalization technologies and machine learning algorithms in geoscience applications. The joint effort of AAPG, EAGE and SEG societies aims to set up industry standards on reproducible AI and distribute key solutions on: data standardization and optimization, data quality, storage and model accuracy assessment, performance profiling, code optimizations, pervasive real-time and remote monitoring and more for advanced prototyping and delivery. We will explore diverse schools of thought, discuss advantages and limitations, compare results, and debate emerging approaches in the realm of artificial intelligence and digitalization as applied to geosciences. This symposium will focus on the utilization and evaluation of subsurface data not the implementation of digital infrastructure and strategies.

Key Insights

The Future of Digitalization in Geoscience

Sustainable Energy

Big Data Accessibility

AI & Machine Learning

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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