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Symposium Overview

Digital transformation has emerged as a catalyst for progress and innovation within the geosciences, reshaping the energy sector by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. By harnessing the power of machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI), geoscientists are now able to acquire, analyze and integrate vast seismic, geological and well data, conduct field simulations, and perform other complex tasks with more efficiency and accuracy. This technological revolution has not only streamlined traditional operational approaches but has also unlocked new avenues for oil and gas exploration, development and sustainability. As the geoscience domain continues to embrace digital transformation, it is essential to assess its potential for driving further advancements, fostering collaboration, and expanding knowledge to address the challenges in the energy sector.

    • Session 1: Geosciences Collaboration Platforms
    • Session 2: Advanced Borehole Log Processing & Analyses
    • Session 3: Advanced Geosciences Data QC
    • Session 4: Advanced Geophysical Processing & Imaging
    • Session 5: Geoscience Data & Knowledge Libraries
    • Session 6: Advanced Geosciences Data Mining
    • Session 7: Digital Rock Analyses
    • Session 8: Integrated Earth Modeling Applications
    • Session 9: Digital Rock Analyses
    • Session 10: Integrated Earth Modeling Applications
    • Session 11: Advanced Geophysical Interpretation
    • Session 12: Advanced Geophysical Processing & Imaging
    • Session 13: Integrated Exploration Applications
    • Session 14: Advanced Geophysical Interpretation
    • Session 15: Digital Reservoir Development Applications
    • Session 16: Optimized Well Planning & Operations Applications
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